The Challenge and Triple Crown are now closed. Registration will open April 1, 2019.

“As a new runner, I didn’t realize how much I would grow in the sport by signing up for the series. Naturally, as I participated in each race I began to improve in my time, my control and learn what my body’s needs to refuel are. I have learned so much about myself by simply signing up for the series of half marathons. I look forward to my third series this fall!”

The Fort De Soto Triple Crown

Complete the 3-race series at Fort De Soto, in any combination of distances (5K, 15K, Halfathon) and earn the beautiful Triple Crown medal. Save by signing up for the entire series instead of individual races.

The Triple Crown will consist of three races in Ft. De Soto:
Sunday, September 29, 2019:  Fort De Soto 15K & 5K
Sunday, October 27, 2019:  Florida Halloween Halfathon & 5K
Sunday, March 15, 2019:  Florida Shamrock Halfathon & 5K

Sorry, there is no Virtual Race option for the Triple Crown. All 3 races must be run on site to qualify for the Triple Crown medal.

The Fort De Soto courses are fast and flat. Made up of recreational trails and access roads in this beautiful state park, you’ll enjoy seeing the sun rise over the Sunshine Skyway. Great for setting PRs. See course map.

You’ll be awarded the Triple Crown medal at our final race of the season, the Shamrock Halfathon & 5K. Your runner’s bib will identify you as a Triple Crown qualifier, and you’ll receive 2 beautiful medals as you cross the finish line to reward you for your achievements!

For athletes who run solely in our 5K races at Fort De Soto, we will also combine your finishing times to determine overall, master, grand master, and age group 5K champions and rankings.

The Triple Crown will overlap with our Halfathon Challenge, so an athlete who completes all Halfathons AND the Fort De Soto 15K or 5K, will earn their finisher medals, the Halfathon Challenge medal, and the Triple Crown Series medal!

Save by signing up for the Triple Crown series:
3 Races: Fort De Soto 5K or 15K, Halloween 5K or Half, Shamrock 5K or Half

There is no Virtual Race option for the Triple Crown.

Registration Opens April 1, 2019

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The Florida Halfathon Challenge Registration will open April 1, 2019

Take the Florida Halfathon Challenge by completing all Halfathons in our 2018-20 race season and earn a beautiful Challenge finisher’s medal, choose your personalized bib number for all races, and save with some great discounts!

Our 2019-2020 race season starts in October, 2018 and ends in March, 2019:

October 27, 2019:  Halloween Halfathon –  Fort De Soto Park
December 8, 2019:  Holiday Halfathon – Madeira Beach to Largo
February 9, 2020:  St. Petersburg Halfathon – St. Petersburg
March 15, 2020:  Shamrock Halfathon – Ft. De Soto Park

Staged in the tropical Tampa Bay area, all races are held 6-8 weeks apart, allowing you plenty of time for training and recovery.

– Save money by signing up for the entire series instead of individual races
– Earn a beautiful Challenge medal for completing all halfathons
– Unique personalized bib number for entire series
– Option to switch a race to the Virtual race if your plans change
– Challenge T-shirt if you complete all races on site

Receive race updates & special offers
We’re located in the beautiful Tampa Bay area, with races in St. Petersburg, Fort DeSoto Park, and Madeira Beach to Largo.
“This was one of the most organized races I have ever participated in. From all of the pre-race updates, to the race, to the post-race activities, everything was top notch. Thank you for a great experience.”
– R.B., Lakeland


Our 2019-20 Season 

Florida Halfathon Challenge
(4 Half Marathons)

Triple Crown
Fort De Soto Triple Crown 
(3 Fort De Soto Races)

St. Petersburg Distance Classic:
Marathon, Halfathon, 10K, 5K Run & Walk
February 10, 2019
Sunday, March 17, 2019
Fort De Soto Park

Fort De Soto 15K & 5K
Sunday, September 29, 2019
Fort De Soto Park
Sunday, October 27, 2019
Fort De Soto Park
Sunday, December 8, 2019
Madeira Beach to Largo (Taylor Park)


  • The Halloween Halfathon courses at Ft. De Soto are fast and flat. Made up of recreational trails and access roads in this beautiful state park, you’ll enjoy seeing the sun rise over the Sunshine Skyway. Great for setting PRs. See course map.
  • The Holiday Halfathon course starts in Madeira Beach and ends at Taylor Park. You’ll run through exclusive residential and commercial areas in our beach communities, along smoothly paved Pinellas Trail, and through shaded public parks. The Park Blvd. bridge adds some hill-work to your run or walk. Busses will bring you back from the finish line to the start line. See course map.
  • The St. Petersburg Halfathon  features an aesthetically varied course, as it tours through exclusive waterfront neighborhoods, our downtown waterfront, and Central Avenue, home to an eclectic combination of local shops, galleries, and museums.This is a very flat half marathon, and should be a fast race for all. See course map.
  • The Shamrock Halfathon course is exactly the same as the Halloween Halfathon course. Measure your progress from your first halfathon to your last – perhaps you’ll set some PRs!  See course map.

In addition to offering finisher, overall, and age group awards for each halfathon, marathon and 50K, we also track each athlete’s finishing times and combine them to determine if you’ve won an Overall or Age Group award in the Halfathon Challenge. Athletes who complete all halfathons will also earn the Challenge medal.

*The Clearwater Marathon can count as 2 Halfathons for the series rankings.

Virtual Challenge:

Designed for athletes who would like to run or walk anywhere in the world on their own schedule and still earn one of our finisher’s medals. Athletes who register for the entire series virtually will receive the series completion medal automatically. Your Challenge medal will be mailed to you. To see all entry fee options, please visit the registration page.

What runner doesn’t like a Challenge? Sign up today and save!

Registration Opens April 1, 2018

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